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Option 1: Non-Network

  • $19.95 per month
  • No commission taken
  • Pay your own affiliates
  • No access to FusionQuest network of affiliates
  • $195 Setup Fee

The non-network option is a self-managed program where you will recruit your own affiliates and pay your own affiliates. You will not have access to the FusionQuest Network affiliates and will not be listed in the FusionQuest directory. The FusionQuest system does integrate with the very popular PayPal mass pay, making it easy to pay your affiliates. The system also generates a QuickBooks import file so you can easily cut checks for your affiliates.

Option 2: Network

  • 10% Commission
  • Maximum monthly commission of $650
  • $19.95 per month
  • FusionQuest will pay your affiliates for you
  • Access to the FusionQuest network of affiliates
  • $195 Setup Fee

With the network option, FusionQuest will pay your affiliates for you (direct deposit to affiliate's US bank account, check sent to non-US affiliates). Your program will be listed in the FusionQuest directory and promoted to the affiliates in the FusionQuest network. The commission collected by FusionQuest is 10%; however, the commission is NOT limitless! The maximum commission you will owe for any given month is limited to $650.

Bandwidth Surcharge

All options above come with up to 50,000 click-throughs per month. Click-throughs from affiliates in excess of 50,000 in a given month will incur an additional bandwidth usage fee at the rate of $10 per 10,000 click-throughs above 50,000.

Bulk Wholesale Program

If you would like to private label and bundle the FusionQuest system as part of an e-commerce package that you offer, we have just the option for you. Our Bulk Wholesale Program allows you to purchase accounts at a drastically reduced price per account (less than $10, actual amount negotiated based on prospective number of accounts) and resell the accounts to your customers.

  • Small monthly fee per account with a monthly minimum of $400
  • Must be a 'cookie cutter' scenario with minimal need for integration support
  • FusionQuest will provide support to the end user
  • Shopping cart included (optional -- can be removed if conflicts with current products)
  • End users can opt in to the network, FusionQuest will pay affiliates for 10% commission

For more information about the Bulk Wholesale Program, click here.

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