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The Ultimate Affiliate Software!

Harness the incredible power of referral marketing while boosting your search engine ranking!

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how to make money trading cryptocurrency FusionQuest is a marketing powerhouse that will enable you to harness the incredible power of referral marketing through cutting edge affiliate software, while at the same time boosting your search engine ranking by enabling links from your affiliates to count toward YOUR link popularity.

Imagine having hundreds, or even thousands of marketing partners linking to and promoting your website, driving highly qualified traffic to your bottom line. And, best of all, you pay these partners nothing unless they produce results.

The UltraLinks Advantage!
UltraLinks from FusionQuest are affiliate links that are clean links. They have no redirection and no query string. They are direct links to your home page (using your domain rather than the affiliate software solution provider) and are therefore links that can guarantee proper search engine link popularity.

Super Affordable!
Although FusionQuest is a feature rich, high-powered affiliate tracking system used to power hundreds of affiliate programs, it is surprisingly affordable. Start up cost is just $195 and the monthly fee is a low $19.95 per month. If you would like to be part of the FusionQuest network (currently consisting of affiliates), the commission is a low rate of 10% with a monthly cap of $650. (See pricing for details.)

Complete E-commerce Solution!
bitcoin philippines exchange FusionQuest is a powerful, fully hosted affiliate software solution…and more! A full-featured, highly customizable shopping cart is included making FusionQuest a complete e-commerce solution. (Note: Using the included shopping cart is not required. FusionQuest integrates with most order processing systems.)

FusionQuest hosted affiliate software is a proven system used by those in the know since August of 2000, backed by a stable company based on integrity and extreme customer service.

Those in the know use FusionQuest
The following companies all specialize in affiliate marketing and all use FusionQuest hosted affiliate software to power their own affiliate programs:

Affiliate Summit
The premier annual world conference on affiliate marketing.
Revenue Magazine
The first and only print magazine dedicated to affiliate marketing.
Link Profits
Fully outsourced affiliate program management service.
Professional affiliate recruitment service.
Affiliate First
Affiliate program directory and submission service .

The Power of UltraLinks!

Do you want your affiliates to use the industry standard affiliate link resembling this:;=affiliateid

Or, would you rather your affiliates have a short link using your domain name like this: --For use in email and offline promotions

Or, simply your domain, like this: --For use in web pages

Would you like to open your affiliate program to the offline world?

UltraLinks from FusionQuest™ is a very powerful, innovative affiliate linking method using your own domain in the affiliate link URL that provides these advantages:

  • Allows you to take advantage of your network of affiliates for search engine link popularity.
  • Brands your domain instead of the solution provider's.
  • Provides affiliates with links that are short, easy to type and easy to remember, allowing the affiliate to promote the program in the traditional offline world, opening whole new marketing vistas.
  • Uses no type of redirection. Users go straight from the affiliate link to your website.
  • Provides affiliate links that are not long, cumbersome, unsightly and overwhelming; links that won't be split and rendered useless by e-mail clients.
  • Affiliate links for web pages are not obviously affiliate links.
bitcoin trading apps Most affiliate software systems either use redirection links, where the visitor is first sent to the affiliate software system and then on to your website, or they use a query string on the end of your website URL (a '?' followed by some code in the URL). In either case, the links are rendered useless as far as search engine link popularity is concerned.

Link Popularity is the Holy Grail of search engine placement, that is, how close to the top of the list of websites returned by a search engine your site appears. Sites with more links to them will appear higher in the listing than those with fewer links.

WARNING: A number of affiliate software solutions have begun to advertise that their links will count toward search engine link popularity. THIS IS FALSE. The affiliate link MUST be a direct link with no query string (no '?' in the URL) to your home page or it will not work properly for link popularity for your home page.

In addition, UltraLinks expands the power and scope of your program to the offline world! With short, branded links it's easy for your affiliates to market your program using offline advertising methods that include:

  • Print Ads
  • Newspaper Classifieds
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Word Of Mouth
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Imagination Is The Only Limit!
UltraLinks™ is the next generation in affiliate tracking technology. And, is available only from FusionQuest.

And, UltraLinks is just the beginning...

Aside from the significant advantages provided by our proprietary UltraLinks technology, FusionQuest is a robust affiliate software solution that includes the following benefits:

  • Easily communicate with your affiliates by sending personalized emails to all at one time using the Broadcast function.
  • Completely customize the look of your affiliate areas to match your website.
  • Automatically send a custom welcome letter, as well as automated follow-up e-mails that can be used as a beginner training course.
  • Set override commission rates for individual affiliates.
  • An unlimited number of commission tiers are supported.
  • Be part of the network and benefit from our pool of 32,000 affiliates and let us forward payment from you to your affiliates each month through direct deposit.
  • Affiliates do not have to link to your home page, any page within your site (such as specific product pages) can be linked to directly by your affiliates.
  • Set the number of return days to any number up to 999 (the length of time the cookie will reside on a computer before expiring).
  • Pre-screen affiliates optional.
  • Unlimited number banners, text links and other creatives supported including Flash.
  • No limit on number of affiliates or clicks
  • Delay affiliate credit until transaction clears.
  • Integrate affiliate software with a form to facilitate crediting an affiliate when sale is closed offline.
  • Display affiliate ID, Name and E-mail on your website.
  • Easily capture the affiliate ID to pass to your own database for perpetual commissions.
  • Recurring commissions supported.
  • Fully integrates with PayPal IPN.

Experience the Power!

Affiliate marketing has been identified by the National Retail Federation as one of the most effective methods of online marketing and is experiencing tremendous growth even as other segments are shrinking. With affiliate marketing, you pay ONLY for performance, not simply for ad space.

Affiliate marketing is the wave of the future. Your affiliate software solution is the heart of your affiliate program and is vital to your success. We offer:

  • A proven, stable system
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Ongoing, top-notch support for you and your affiliates
  • Rich in features, providing the tools you need
  • A company based on honor and commitment
As affiliate marketing continues to evolve and develop into one of the most efficient and profitable ways to market online, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your affiliate software solution is a proven system that will continue to evolve and grow with you, backed by a stable, seasoned company that will be around for the long haul.

We are committed to affiliate marketing, and we are committed to your success.

Free Test Drive

Experience the power yourself. Set up a 15 day free test drive today!

JB McKee Hello, my name is JB McKee. I am the CEO and founder of FusionQuest, Inc. I'm proud to offer you our flagship product, the FusionQuest hosted affiliate software solution featuring UltraLinks. FusionQuest is the comprehensive, easy to use, 100% web-based affiliate marketing solution you've been dreaming of.

With FusionQuest, you will need nothing else, your affiliate program will be up and running in no time. However, you don't have to take my word for it, take advantage of our 15-day risk free test drive and see for yourself.

I have been in the affiliate marketing industry for years and know what it takes to operate a successful program. That is why we created the UltraLinks technology, affiliate links guaranteed to allow your affiliate network to properly count towards your search engine link popularity.

It is a good feeling to be able to offer this robust, feature rich system at such an affordable price. That is how I got started in this business, offering a powerful, yet affordable system so the average person can benefit from the incredible power of affiliate marketing.

I invite you to sign up for our no-obligation test drive and try out our system today!

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