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Request Info About Bulk Wholesale Program for Bundling

The Bulk Wholesale Program is designed for e-commerce solution providers, such as hosting solutions or shopping cart providers, that would like to private label and bundle a full-featured affiliate tracking solution into their product offerings. The program is designed for those that can bring in at least 100 accounts.

The Bulk Wholesale Program allows you to purchase accounts at a drastically reduced price per account and resell the accounts to your customers. The monthly fee per account will be less then $10 per month. The actual amount will be negotiated based on a number of factors including how many accounts would be brought in. The minimum monthly fee is $400 per month.

  • Small monthly fee per account with a monthly minimum of $400
  • Must be a 'cookie cutter' scenario with minimal need for integration support
  • FusionQuest will provide support to the end user
  • Shopping cart included (optional -- can be removed if conflicts with current products)
  • End users can opt in to the network, FusionQuest will pay affiliates for 20% commission

The primary restriction is that there must be a complete cookie cutter scenario where minimal support is required to integrate the system for the end user. The most likely consequence is that all customers using the accounts provided will need to use the same, pre-integrated shopping cart (or a limited number of carts already integrated). The end users must also be made aware that a snippet of JavaScript code needs to be inserted into their home page. If your current package does not include a shopping cart, we provide one to the end user at no additional cost that is already fully integrated, which would solve the integration problem.

Just fill out the contact form presented here and we will get back to you with more details. In the meantime, feel free to set up a free test drive account to check the system out fully.

NOTE: The FusionQuest system includes a shopping cart as part of the package, which can be a value added bonus for your clients. However, if this conflicts with any of your products, the shopping cart is optional and can be removed.

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company name:
email :
phone :
business type:
estimated number of accounts:
price range of products to be bundled with:
approx. cost per account that would accommodate your margins:
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