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"When I first joined on the trial account, I thought this was going to be hard to implement. But I had my affiliate program up and running in about 20 minutes. I would recommend FusionQuest to anyone."

Ted Hantak IV

" I have nothing but praise for FusionQuest! I have been with you for about 2 years now and I know I have the best possible affiliate solution. The continuous improvements are fantastic. As soon as I think, 'Wouldn't it be nice if...' it happens! And I wish all businesses were run by people like JB! He has always been there for me no matter what my question or dilemma. I continue to recommend FusionQuest to my web site members and have no interest in any other solution. :)

"Thank you for providing such an excellent service!"

Cathy Wagner
ONE STOP Internet Business Services
Providing Freedom Seeking Entrepreneurs with
Low-Risk, Online Profit-Building Guidance.

"In a world where good service has become increasingly rare and things don't work as promised, FusionQuest stands out. Not only has the affiliate system worked glowingly for me for more than two years, its support team is amazingly responsive and helpful. JB McKee, the developer, has even modified the entire system to accommodate a special feature I requested - three times! I can't think of another Internet vendor with whom I have been more pleased."

Marcia Yudkin
Creative Ways

"With your new UltraLinks, unlimited affiliate banners, Order-It (the best shopping cart online), and extremely fast customer service, this program has become the best affiliate program on the Web by far, as well as one of the most cost effective and a huge part of our success. It has been great to grow with you up to now and we are very excited to see what the future will hold."

Thanks JB!
All of us at MA

"I've found the FusionQuest affiliate tracking system to be outstanding and at the same time very inexpensive. My sales literally doubled the first month. I've already recommended FusionQuest to my friends and clients."

Dan Burley
The Diet Forum

"After looking at way too many overpriced, under-performing affiliate program solutions, I was lucky enough to be referred to FusionQuest. Not only is it a great service and reasonably priced, but when I had problems, being kind of non-technical:-), I found the staff to be right there with a patient, usually simple solution every time. The best affiliate program service on the Web."

Jim Donovan 

"At last, almost every affiliate tracking service out there requires you to be a master Internet programmer, and if not then offers an expensive system to take advantage of your lack of knowledge but keeps the most important secrets for themselves. This system, however, is basically learn as you go and is extremely affordable! I thought I'd never see such an affiliate tracking program that combined opportunity with the resources needed for anyone to create a viral opportunity for success, and for such a low cost. I almost decided to pay for another affiliate tracking service that I just wouldn't have been able to afford and still cover my other expenses. It must have been fate that I stumbled across FusionQuest. This is Absolute genius! But don't just take my word for it, give it a test drive and see for yourself.

"Thank you for the great support!"

Sincerely, David Hopkins

"I had to write you guys a thank you email because of what your service has done for our company! We just recently signed up for your affiliate program and already have affiliates signing up to sell our programs for us!

"The customer service I have gotten from you is almost unbelievable. Your program was so easy to set up that I almost didn't even need any customer service, but when I did, your replies were very prompt, courteous and helpful. As president of Unimax Services it is my job to keep our on line division strong and our advertising costs down.

"The purchase of your affiliate program service was the best move for generating increased income that we have made yet!

"If you sell on the web, get FusionQuest! Thanks again."

Paul Darby
President Unimax Services Corporation